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Tax Day

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Tax Day is Approaching Fast

The new year has begun and time is passing quickly. Sooner than you know it, April 18th will be here. Now is the time to start organizing your tax information. Here are some tips to ease the process:

  • What is your filing status? Did you marry or divorce? Has the stork dropped off any bundles of joy this year? Any big change to your life can dramatically change your filing status.
  • Receipts! If you made any significant donations to charity you will need to have documentation. Did you engage in any business travel or entertainment? The IRS requires documentation to back up any deductions in this area. Your smartphone can help you keep track of your receipts.
  • How did you file last year? Did you have your taxes prepared by a qualified tax professional or did you file them on your own. While using a qualified tax preparer may cost you a bit in the short run, they are up to date on tax changes and can save you more in the end.
  • Tax payments – when taxes are due in April you certainly don’t want to be accruing penalties and interest. To make tax payments easier start setting money aside from your paychecks. This way when April gets here you will be prepared.

Should you have any questions regarding preparing your taxes or any other tax matter, please contact us. For more information on our services please visit our tax preparation and planning web pages.

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