Pro-Active Tax Planning

Minimizing Your Federal and State Income Tax Obligations

A Tax Planner Is …

Someone who meets with you ahead of time to develop strategies to alleviate unnecessary tax.  He has the experience and attitude to make sure you are taking advantage of all the legitimate deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies the tax code offers.

Someone who gives valuable ongoing coaching and proactive solutions.  He provides you with the confidence in knowing you pay the least amount of tax possible.

Gives you customized strategies, flexible planning, and ongoing support.


Create Your Personalized Pro-Active Tax Plan.  Here’s how it works:


The Interview Process

You start with a brief interview with a Client Consultant. We want to hear about where you are now, and where you want to be.  We’ll ask a few easy questions about your current situation and from that determine the best Proactive Tax Strategy program for you.


The Tax Questionnaire

You’ll complete our brief Tax Questionnaire. This is where you tell us you’re financial, business and investment goals and where your money currently goes. 


Your Personal Strategist

Your personal strategist reviews your information and develops a comprehensive Proactive Tax Strategy.  This is the stage where the cool things happen!  In fact, the average savings for a taxpayer as a result of their Tax Strategy plan was over $14,000 per year!


Strategic Tax Plan Review

You’ll talk with your personal Tax Strategist to review the details of your plan and to get your feedback.


Written Strategy Plan

Your strategic tax plan is so packed with information that we write up your customized strategy so you won’t miss a thing!  You get a written strategy plan, along with information on all available deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies.


Follow Up

About two weeks after the initial consultation, we will follow up with a phone call with your Strategist to cover the details of the first meeting again or to go through new questions you’ve uncovered.

Most accountants do a fine job of filing tax returns – getting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. But that’s not nearly enough. The real secret to managing taxes is planning. 

Chris Coggins is a member of an elite group of accountants nationwide that are dedicated to tax planning to save clients money.


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