Tax Preparation

Putting Together the Pieces of your Federal and State Tax Puzzle



There’s Not a Federal or State Tax Form We Can’t Prepare!

Preparing your own tax return can leave you with more questions than answers because there’s more involved than merely entering figures on government forms.

At The Tax Office, Inc. we are dedicated to providing you with friendly, personal and professional tax preparation services. We provide these services with one thing in mind – to save you as much money as possible.

We Can Meet All of Your Tax Preparation Needs.

Minimize Your Taxes, Keep Up-To-Date and Compliant

Employment Taxes

Excise Tax

Income Tax

Property Tax

Payroll Tax

Sales and Use Tax

Self-Employment Tax

Special California Taxes and Fees

Steps to Ensure an Accurate and Legally Prepared Tax Return

The Tax Office, Inc., Client Interview process is the most thorough you will ever experience.  We provide you with an extensive questionnaire and personalized interview designed to discover every imaginable tax-related personal and occupational tax-saving opportunity.

It is also designed to discover any irregularities so we can properly document and be sure you are in complete compliance of all federal and state tax regulations.

Everything is reviewed for mathematical accuracy and application of tax theory

We demand total accuracy in each phase of the preparation of your tax return

After processing, we check again for accuracy prior to the Preparer signing

When completed, your tax return and all supporting documents are sorted and electronically stored in your personal, on-line, state of the art, electronic portal


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