Payroll Tax Audit Assistance

Federal and California payroll tax audits are extremely complicated and they can arise for any number of reasons. Should you have a past due payroll tax debt, you must address the liability and find a solution if you are going to stay in business. If your business is facing an upcoming audit, it is crucial that you contact the payroll audit experts at The Tax Office, Inc. immediately.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in negotiating with state and local taxing authorities
  • Developing plans for paying back or settling the debt.
  • Development of  an audit strategy
  • Fighting to minimize potential liability
  • Negotiating and structuring  settlements and compromises 
  • Preparing and filing appeals petitions, including compiling and submitting supporting evidence and briefs
  • Reconciling payroll tax filings with source documents.
  • Review and analysis of your records  
  • Reviewing employment contracts
  • Serving as your advocate and defending your rights
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