Surviving an IRS Audit of Your Business

Concerned About the Letter from the IRS Telling You that Your Business Return is Going to be Audited?

Start your defense with this complimentary white paper from The Tax Office, Inc.

The Tax Office is pleased to present this complimentary white paper on how, why, and what to do if you receive notification from the IRS that your business tax return is being audited.


  • The chances that you’ll be audited
  • The top 13 reasons why your business might be audited
  • Key small business audit triggers – what to avoid!
  • Average additional taxes recommended by the IRS Auditor
  • 4 different types of business audits – from mild to severe
  • 8 rights you have during the audit process
  • How, when, and why to get professional help with your audit

Learn about the process, steps and do’s and don’ts of getting your audit issues resolved.

Download this complimentary white paper today!

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